(Driver's Ed Completion Certificate)

After finishing all of your purchased classroom hours and driving lessons, we issue you a State Document called the CS-1. You need this document at the time of your Driving Test to prove you met the Driver's Ed requirement.

At The Next Street, we issue your CS-1 automatically after you finish your final purchased class and driving lesson. The issuance usually takes 7-10 business days. If you are testing at The Next Street, we will not send your CS-1 but will have it ready for you on your test date. You do not need to use this form in that case. 

If you need your certificate rushed, or if you would like a certificate for what you have completed so far, please fill out this form. We will make arrangements for a rush or partial certificate. 


*Terms and Conditions

The completion certificate, or CS-1, is a DMV regulated state document. For compliance reasons, it may take up to two weeks from the completion of your last class or driving lesson to arrive in the mail.

 As a courtesy to our students, The Next Street may sometimes be able to provide a rushed or emergency CS-1 certificate if the following minimum requirements have been met. It becomes very difficult to issue the certificate if even one of these conditions are not met. Before you submit this emergency request form, please be sure that you have ALL of the following minimum requirements. If you submit the request without meeting the basic requirements, we will not be able to fulfill the request.

Please note:  If your license test at DMV is too close to when you completed the course and we have to arrange for a pickup of the certificate, there will be a $25 rush certificate fee.

Before we can send out your emergency CS-1 Certificate, please read and agree to our terms and conditions:

  • RUSHED CERTIFICATE = anything less than 6 business days from when a student has completed the course
  • You have completed all quizzes and signed for all classes in the student portal.
  • FOR PARTIAL CERTIFICATES OR 8HR COURSE CERTIFICATES: If under 18, you must have held your permit for 180 days and completed the state minimum requirements for the 8hr safe driving course. If you are over 18, you must have held your permit for 90 days and completed the state minimum requirements for the 8hr safe driving course
  • FOR A FULL CERTIFICATE: If under 18, must complete all 30hrs of classroom instruction, 8hrs of driving lessons & held permit for 120 days
  • The Next Street is not responsible for DMV test reschedule fees under any circumstance
  • You are testing at the DMV and not at one of our Next Street locations.