Payment Plans with The Next Street

We never want finances to stand in the way of a safe driver. It is our goal to make our quality program accessible to all families in Connecticut. We offer payment plans for all purchases over $30 through PayPal. That includes the full driver program as well as any combination of driving lessons and testing services. Even on a payment plan, you will be able to book all of your driving lessons and testing services at the time of enrollment. (must have permit to book). All payment plans are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by us and PayPal

Payment Options

  1. Pay in full with PayPal using a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  2. Pay in 4 with PayPal. Total fee will be split into fourths, first payment due at enrollment, and 3 remaining payments made every other week. $30-$1,500
  3. Pay Monthly with PayPal. Split your total fee into once a month payments.  Requires credit approval via PayPal. $199+
  4. PayPal Credit. 1-24 months of payments. If paid within 6 months it's interest free. $99+

Pay Later options are offered at the time of enrollment and during your program!

How to Use PayPal

PayPal is on online payment platform that offers its' customers the ability to pay in full, or pay over time.

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Terms and Conditions for PayPal

  1. By sending a payment, I am agreeing to use PayPal as the payment platform to purchase Driver's Education.
  2. The automatic payment will occur based on the pre-determined schedule PayPal has set out for the user. 
  3. Billing errors
    • I understand and agree that The Next Street is not liable for incorrect debits/charges. 
    • If a balance error occurs on the student portal, The Next Street is responsible for figuring it out and correcting it.
  4. Returned Payments
    • I understand that if my payment is rejected, refused, returned, disputed or reversed by my financial institution or card issuer for any reason I am responsible for any fees associated from this result. I will immediately contact The Next Street to settle the balance manually.
    • The Next Street is not liable for any overdraft, over limit, or any fees your credit card or bank may charge you as a result.


We offer 2 products you can potentially add to your student's enrollment to receive a discount. 

Sibling Discount:

We understand that if you are bringing one student to The Next Street, chances are you will be bringing another. For that reason, we offer a sibling discount of $10. This is applied at the time of enrollment only over the phone at (860) 631-4292. We will verify your prior students information and apply the discount.

Hero Discount:

We are proud to honor our hero's who are constantly supporting and fighting on our behalf. As a show of our appreciation and recognition of their hard work and dedication, we are happy to offer an exclusive discount to members of Police, Fire, and EMS Departments, as well as Active Duty Military and Military Veterans, Teachers and School Administrators. We are also proud to extend this discount to include the new heroes of today: grocery store employees, pharmacists, delivery people, nurses, and doctors.

$25 for Full Program Enrollment

$10 for 8-hr Course Enrollment