Summer Accelerated Classes

Our Accelerated Programs run Monday - Thursday*, with classes available mornings, afternoons and evenings. The program runs for 4 hours each day(except on the first day, which is a two hour Parent Class), and takes 8 days to complete. Please note:

  • Our full driver package includes 8hrs of Driving Lessons (4 lessons total) in addition
    to 30 hours of live virtual classroom sessions on Zoom.ACS_0207
  • We recommend booking lessons as soon as you have enrolled into class, as we can book 8-12 weeks out in summer. Once enrolled, you may book your driving lessons by logging into the student portal or by calling our Customer Happiness Team at 860.631.4292.
  • Test at The Next Street: If you plan to purchase one of our packages that includes a license test, please book your test as soon as you can. Test dates fill quickly in summer! For more info on license testing, click here.
  • Need to miss a class? Not a problem! Classes can be made up at any time.
    (Please note that if you need a makeup, it will be a regular paced class - you can always book two classes in the same day to stay on the accelerated track)
  • Not interested in a Summer Accelerated Program? No worries! We still offer our regular paced classes throughout the summer. 
    * The week of 4th of July accelerated classes run Tuesday-Friday.

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Summer Accelerated Class Dates:

6/13 - 6/23

6/20 - 6/30

6/27 - 7/8

7/5 - 7/15

7/11- 7/21

7/18 - 7/28

7/25 - 8/4

8/1 - 8/11

8/8 - 8/18

8/15 - 8/25 

Looking for regular paced classes? Find them here


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