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Drivers Ed Course

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stop 1

If you're new to Driver's Ed, you're in the right place. Start here to learn everything about the licensing process in Connecticut.

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Complete Guide To Getting Your License in CT

This guide goes through every step of the licensing process for new drivers in the state of CT.

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Driver's Ed Glossary of Terms

Driver's ed has a language of its own. We compiled a list of frequently used terms so you can get up to speed fast...but not too fast.

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Parent Guide

Being the parent of a new teen driver can be scary, overwhelming, exciting, terrifying, confusing, did we say SCARY? We get it. We created this guide to help you get through this time with your sanity intact. 

Drivers Ed Course (1)

Course Comparison

Not sure which course is right for you? Check out our course comparison chart and video.

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stop 2

Now that you understand the licensing process, it's time to get prepared for your permit!

CT State Drivers Manual

CT State Driver's Manual

Provided by the CT DMV - Download the CT driver's manual to get familiar with the driving laws in CT and study for the permit test. 

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Permit Prep E-book

Our complete guide on the permit process. 

Permit Practice Test

Permit Practice Test

Practice makes perfect! Test out your driving knowledge by taking our permit practice test with real questions asked on the CT Permit Test.

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Permit Test Requirement Checklist

Make sure you've got everything you
need before you head to the DMV. 

Permit Prep Course (1)

Permit Prep Course

Need extra confidence going into your permit test or need a more guided approach to studying? We can help! 

Permit Restrictions for 16 & 17 Year Olds (1)

Permit Restrictions for Teens

Printable list of permit restrictions for anyone under 18.

Permit Restrictions for 18 Olds  (1)

Permit Restrictions for Adults

Printable list of permit restrictions for anyone 18 and over. 

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Book your Learner's Permit Test Appointment

Ready to take the permit test? Click here to book your appointment at the DMV

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Learn about Driver's Ed at The Next Street

Class Schedules

Search Class Schedules

We offer a ton of options to get your classroom sessions completed without wreaking havoc on your schedule. 

Payment Plans

Pricing & Payment Plans

A quick look at our pricing options as well as additional info on payment plans.

Service AT TNS

Service at The Next Street

We have a full time, dedicated customer service team available during regular business hours (plus Saturdays too!) to answer all of your questions.

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stop 4

Learn how to be a successful Next Street Student here:


How to Use the Student Portal

How to Use the Student Portal

Video tutorials on how to manage your classroom sessions, lesson appointments, book a makeup, cancellations and more. 

Drivers Ed Packages

Terms Conditions & Procedures

All of the terms & conditions you need to know about  your driver's ed program.

Zoom Requirements

Zoom Requirements

All of our classroom sessions are taught live on Zoom! The DMV has specific requirements for Driver's Ed on Zoom. So this is pretty important.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our knowledge base for any additional Driver's Ed questions you may have. 

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stop 5

Learn about getting behind the wheel!

Behind the Wheel Lessons

All About Behind The Wheel Lessons

Driving Lessons with a Licensed Instructor.

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Tips for Parents & Teens while practicing together

Avoid the stress and mentally prepare for your time together behind the wheel. 

Driving Skills Everyone Struggles With

Driving Skill How to Videos

Detailed how to videos for advanced driving & parking maneuvers. 

Driving Log

Driving Log

Track your driving time outside of your lessons.

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stops 6 -8

It's time to get ready for your License Test! 

License Requirements Sam (2)

License Eligibility Checklist

Make sure you're eligible to test before you head to your license test appointment!

All About License Tests

License Test Products

Additional info on all of our testing products.

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License Test Waitlist

Not finding a test date that works for your schedule? Join our waitlist to get early access to last minute cancellations and released dates. 

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License Checklist

Everything you need for your

license test appointment.

Why People Fail Their License Test

Pass Your License test!

Mentally prepare yourself and avoid

the most common mistakes. 

Driver's Ed Road Map - Stop 9

You did it! Congratulations and don't forget to Drive Politely!

License Restrictions for 16 & 17 Year Olds cop

License Restrictions for Teens

Be aware of the restrictions on your
license so you don't go breakin' the law. 

Insuring a Teen Driver

Insuring a Teen Driver

Information on insuring a teen driver.